Hello world!

I am wife, mom, daughter,friend, sister, aunt, teacher, farmer, journo, volunteer worker and lobbyist… I am a woman and a daughter of the Most High God! I am passionate and emotional and resilient and tenacious… I love with all of me and fight fiercely for what I believe in… I wish I could be a little more chilled and mellow about life but when I try, I fail! I am always getting involved in needy “causes”  – they kind of find me even when I’m not looking out for them! I am generally optimistic, I delight in the people and the world around me and I love to document life through my words and my photographs. This is my first foray into the world of blogging so lets see how we go….



8 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Hi Jen, welcome to the blogosphere, but I must warn you it is addictive and time consuming! I’m looking forward to what’s coming 😉 x Charl

  2. I’m impressed with! Good luck and all the best to you and your blogging. Keep up the good work… Much Love xx

  3. Love it! And fabulous to “meet you”! You won’t stay lost, I promise. And I look forward very much to coming and reading more about your life on the farm….something that I have desired, with the other half of me, all my life. As soon as my blogging conference is over I will have time once again to start blogging properly and visiting. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my About post. Really appreciate it. God bless xx

  4. PS….you should pop a subscribe button in on your side bar. I for one will definitely subscribe.

  5. Hello farmingfolk, so love your About! It’s perfect. I came by to visit and thank you for visiting opting to follow my own blog. I adore meeting like minded people that we can share with. I see that you and I have many things in common. Some of them like volunterring for every cause I am past now. being 57 and chronically ill has taught me alot about how I split my time up. Some of that time had to be given in places that had never occurred to before.

    I hope to see more of you and spend some time getting to know one another through our blogs. Fun days ahead! ~ BB

    • Thanks for stopping by Barefoot Baroness – I appreciate the feedback as I bumble around trying to get my blogging skills together all by myself in my remote farmhouse! (I am also in my 50’s!) I guess its just a nice way to share my life of interests and activity in rural South Africa that makes me want to blog – and even tho I’m not getting it right, I’m havng fun!

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