Happy children blessed to grow up on a flourishing farm

The joie de vivre could be heard across the farm yard as these children giggled and played in a trailer load of maize. They were fascinated by this strange lady come to visit and were thrilled to see the photos of themselves. In no time the wall of shyness had crumbled and they were giving me a guided tour around their grandparents farmyard… to my amazement I was shown the family pet – a monkey in a huge cage who snuggled up to their little hands and relished the scratches they gave it… their grandmother Ruth’s veggie garden is obviously a source of pride with its still heavily loaded tomato plants, oranges hanging full of promised sweet delights on the tree but their favourite corner was definitely the small copse of sugar cane – something I have NEVER seen in this corner of the North West! Imagine their squeals of delight when Granny Ruth said they could have a stick to share.. soon the sugary swetness was dribbling out the corners of their smiling faces! What a “WOW” moment for me!


2 responses to “Happy children blessed to grow up on a flourishing farm

  1. It is great to hear of success stories like this! πŸ™‚

  2. I am so excited when I see happy healthy rural families doing so well! It just goes to show what hard work can achieve! Granny Ruth even has a herb garden specially for flu medicines *inspiring indeed*

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