Sunflower Soldiers

Sunflower Soldiers

With heads bowed the old sunflower soldiers stand waiting for the end…


3 responses to “Sunflower Soldiers

  1. Love your word imagery and it goes so well with the photos…thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for popping by! I am new to this blogging and living far from the madding crowd – and farm from any other bloggers ( to my knowledge) I am struggling to find my way around! The wannabe ‘poet’ is VERY active inside of my head most days aand so I decided that I’d unleash her on my blogspot once in a while πŸ˜‰ (My beloved family are used to me looking at life ‘poetically’ but being mostly a bunch of men who need sun, seed, soil, sweat and machines to make them happy, they really don’t have my appreciation for sounds and rhythm and smiles and sighs and sweet gentle moments when one stops to ooh and ah at Mother Nature!)

      • Blogging is a blessing for many of us who have so much to express and it probably is a good form of personal therapy…*chuckle*
        If you don’t know about
        she’s Miss Poet divine and a wonderful blog friend.
        Well, have a great and wonderful rest of the week! πŸ™‚

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