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Please be patient with me…

I am so enjoying this new world of blogging – I am meeting wonderful likeminded folk from all corners of the world and I’m loving every encounter. Please be patient with me as I find my way around – I am somewhat hopeless at building my blogging page, having failed miserably in my attempt to draw up a blogroll and find a widget for the weekly photo challenge (which I delight in!) – My writing tends to be long winded and my photos “land” wherever they want to splat on the page like bird poo – exactly not where I was wanting the to be… My virgo tendencies are very strong – I love precision and orderliness but I am afraid for now I am clutching at straws but… I am hanging in there and I will get better! 😉

This BigMomma Cow is to my mind the epitome of patience. Quietly she stands, for hours each day, ruminating the deli grasses she selects from the smorgasbord of Kalahari grassland where we ranch cattle. Her calf as you can see from the pics is already strong and determined and boisterous… and very, very hungry! In fact it’s almost time to wean this Guzzle-Guts  so that Big Momma does not get too thin during the dry winter months.