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Photo of the Week Challenge: INSIDE

One of my favourite relaxing pastimes is game viewing and birdwatching and since I am blessed to live in Africa I get to visit a Game Reserve at least once or twice a year. Nothing can compare with that quiet anticipation as one waits silently inside one of the many game viewing hides usually positioned on a dam or watering hole. With binoculars in one hand, camera in the other – and possibly a chilled glass of wine too, there is always a sense of excitement that at any moment something will be spotted! Of course there is an art to this kind of viewing from inside a Hide – it’s called scanning. One’s eyes need to constantly flick from left to right and from high to low and then far to near because it is so so easy to miss the magical moment! Here are a few of my fave pics from Mankwe hide in the beautiful Pilansberg Game Reserve:
The wide open spaces as the sun is setting:

The important thing about visiting game reserves is to learn to appreciate ALL creatures and not just the classic BIG 5! Time spent observing habits and antics gives true insights to the character and personality and habits of the wild animals.

Whilst most of the chicks in Mamma Dabchicks little brood were clearly quite independent and ‘cool’ with her going off in search of her own grubs and weeds, this little fella was most unhappy and gave us more than a few giggles as he frantically tried to keep up with her and frequently ducked under water in his efforts to find her!

A cormorant catching some last rays. I love this next pic of a Grey Heron focussed on his fishing:

This beautiful Spoonbill was meters from me and quite oblivious of my still presence!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moments

 When I first saw the topic for the Weekly Photo Challenge was fleeting moments, I immediately thought of this photo which I took with my cellphone one evening when we were out checking our maize fields in the middle of this summer’s drought – it was really hard to capture the flash of lightening so I was pleased with this  – unfortuately it represents an altogether fleeting moment as the stormy weather was mostly a thunder and lightening spectacle and no rain 😦

Another image which is very special to me is a photo taken my Dad in his youth, of the train crossing the bridge as it approached my home town. I recently shared this on a Reunion page on Facebook and have ben amazed and delighted by the many fond memories this fleeting moment captured in time so long ago has evoked for those of us who had a wonderful childhood playing along the river bank and in the shadows of the bridge!

Poised for a fleeting moment in time – a memory from myhome town long long ago!

And then I read the instructions properly!!! Share a picture that captures a fleeting moment on the street!  Oh dear, I don’t live near a street unless I can call my farm road a street where I was standing when I snapped at the lightening… unless the dusty road on the edge of town where my Dad was clicking his antique camera aimed at the old steam engine on the railway bridge counts as a street Nope? Hmm… thinking again! Whew after a while trawling through my farm and wildlife and cross country pics, I suddenly thought to scan my album from my visit to my children who were teaching near the town of Samut Sakhon in Thailand last year surely I’d find a fleeting moment captured in a street scene 🙂 and I did!

Busy city sidewalks trapped with human beings buzzing past on their overloaded scooters, sometimes entire families off to their corners of their world, a street market for a meal, a temple to pray, a tiny cramped apartment in a never ending flow – an inexorable tide of humanity!